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A career as cabin crew in airline and Scope of success?

A career as cabin crew in airline and Scope of success?

30 Apr 19

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  • We can divide the crew’s responsibilities into THREE major sectors.
  • Now I will describe this one by one.
  • The primary responsibilities of a cabin crew is to ensure safety..
  • Such as testing emergency equipment & testing safety procedures, providing first aid to their passengers.
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  • They check emergency equipment & other features such as life vests(life jackets), torches, firefighting.
  • They also monitor the cabin for any unusual smells or situation.
  • They also take a glimpse of loading carry-on baggage, checking for weight, size & dangerous goods.
  • They also check the seats are in the right posture and give instruction about the seat belts to fasten.
  • They also check lavatory to ensure that the smoke detector is in working condition or not.
  • And finally, they also check the cockpit to ensure the health & safety of the pilots..
  • prior to take off, flight attendants usually serve drinks/food to their passengers using an airline trolly.
  • They also respond to call lights dealing with special requests.
  • If any altercation happens between the passengers, they have excellent skills to handle this situation..
  • Cabin crew is of those personalities that have beauty with brains..
  • They make sure those sitting in emergency exit rows are able to assist in an evacuation.
  • From a normal illness to delivering a baby
  • They have good knowledge of Normal Medicines to dealing with a heart patient.
  • They will give a safety demonstration on board, how to use a mask in case of emergencies.
  • Suppose any serious medical emergency happens during on board, they will give this info to their senior flight attendants & make a list on, How urgent is the situation? Is an immediate landing required? Etc.
  • They also check the oxygen system to make sure they are in a working condition.
  • All these are the responsibilities of a Cabin crew

Scope of Sucess?

Career in cabin crew is always providing great opportunities to grow as an individual as well as to gain experience in customer services and safety. You as a crew have to work hard to grow along with airline.

The career for male CABIN Crew in India is good. Hard work and years of service entitles one for promotion .and with the time you can become In-flight Supervised or Cabin Crew In charge.

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