If you are concerned with the lack of experience, been refused by an airline, looking to change or start your career in the exciting world of Aviation, then we can help. Fast track your career and increase your employment prospects by enrolling in the “Attestation of Initial Cabin Crew Training” course. 

Air World Academy a Training & Learning organization created by a group of professionals from the Hospitality and Aviation Industry to help build a stronger base for the aspiring Aviation professionals of tomorrow. Started with a clear vision to bridge the gap between Corporate & Academia, with a directed mission to create more “employability” for Students and making them “Job” and “Industry”

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Leading Aviation, Retail, Hospitality and Air hostess Academy offering various Skill development trainings

Our Training facility offers a friendly and professional environment for the students to the Competitive Salary

A career as a cabin crew offers the opportunity to travel both locally and internationally, and to meet wide variety of people

Our Training includes a combination of both the theoretical and practical components


cabin crew institute in Lucknow

Why Join Air world Academy?

Flight Attendant, Purser, Stewardess, Cabin Crew, Air Hostess, Cabin Attendant

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Are you UP for it?

World-renowned aviation professionals create the Inflight Institute’s programs. We work with airlines from around the world to provide world-class aviation training.

cabin crew institute in Lucknow
cabin crew institute in Lucknow
aviation institute in Lucknow

Our mission is to provide all the aviation needs under one roof and give those only in a quality way , so that they fly and make us fly more...

Customisation of Training and Checking Materials

Getting Hired

Gain in depth knowledge and skills needed and fully understand the life of a cabin crew

6 Days intensive course with pre course study covering a full range of theory and practical sessions resulting in the Attestation of Initial Cabin Crew training.

Compliance with the Aviation Authority

Course aimed at candidates from various backgrounds and age wishing to change or start their new career as Air Cabin Crew

Apply to any airline and demonstrate that you are their ideal candidate

Customisation of Training and Checking Materials

When creating any training materials we ensure that the content and visuals are customised to reflect the exact needs of each customer. This includes particular procedures, aircraft specific information, standard operating procedures and even the branding for each airline.

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Air world academy

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